The CLAQUE community understands time is money. Filter through the noise with paid messaging and profile subscriptions. Also, 82% of advertising revenue goes to you!

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Time is the most important community and impossible to replace. Use your CLAQUE profile to filter through the noise that social media is today.

On CLAQUE, you are compensated by every message you read and by your subscribers. You also make 82% of all advertising revenue from Ads viewed by you!

CLAQUE is the future of social media where you benefit from being you.

How CLAQUE Works

Set your price for incoming messages and your subscribers. 82% of what advertisers pay will go to you if you see an advertisement!

No Fees for Friends & Family: There are no fees when the connection is mutual. Meaning, when two profiles support each other, there are no messaging or subscription fees.

Choose between subscribing as a Friend & Family or as a Supporter. A connection can be converted from Supporter to Friends & Family but not the other way around.

Advertisers: 95% of the campaign’s revenue will be evenly distributed between the Claquers that view it. Starting at one dollar per view.

Our fees explained


We'll take 18% to cover expenses like transaction fees and our platform running fees.
Nothing else is hidden or unclear. We will take care of the hassle.